How to open and burn AVG update & CUE Files

I would like a step by step explanation and instructions on what are and how to open an AVG update file and .cue file.

I have downloaded a movie in two CDs [Telesync] [SVCD]

They downloaded in 2 seperate folders (one for each CD) in the first is [Telesync] [SVCD] [CD1] 27,648Kb AVG update file. There is also [Telesync] [SVCD] [CD1].cue Cue File 0Kb

The second CD folder contains a similar AVG update file[Telesync] [SVCD] [CD2]0Kb and similar Cue File [Telesync] [SVCD] [CD1].cue 0Kb

Although AVG update files are in .bin format, the files that you have are not AVG update files. To burn the svcd files, just load the .cue files into any bin/cue burning app (e.g. nero, discjuggler, fireburner, cdrwin or burnatonce). and burn.