How to obtain SiSoftware Sandra 2003 overall system performance number?

I recently installed SiSoftware Sandra Pro 2003 and want to know how you get an overall system performance rating number. I’ve seen alot of people who tell me they got like an 11,000 and such. If anyone knows how to use the program well enough to help me out please do. I want this number for 1.) Braging rights and 2.) to test different combonations of hardware to get teh best performance. Thank you for your help.

Are you sure this ppl where talking about Sandra? 11000 Seem to be 3DMark 2001SE scores to me.

I’ve just fired up Sandra and I can’t find a feature to rate a system just with a single number. Maybe there’s something in the report (Create a report wizard), but I seriously doubt that.

Another nice benchmark is PCMark from FutureMark (formerly Madonion, producers of 3D Mark). You can download it from

i went through sandra and couldnt find anything either. the most ‘comparable’ numbers will come from 3dmark2001se. the 2003 numbers aren’t trusted yet, and of course, most benches were done on 2001se.