How to normalize video volume to the same level?

hi,everyone,Let’s discuss video audio normalizer question.and enjoy the information each other.

Now,I am using
“DDVideo DVD to AVI/MPEG Converter Suite”.There is a Voume Gain box in the software.When I run the programe,I can see original video avarage Volume Gain box and set output volume(75db-105db).Usually,I set output volume is 95db,I like the functon very much.
meanwhile,It also help me convert DVD and many video,movies,music video,musics to AVI/MPEG format with high quality,I can put my favorite video on my mobile device and I enjoy my dvd or video,audio files with the same volume level.very cool.

Now,I introduced my video volume normalizer.My friends,You also introduce you how to normalize your video volume.share your method with everyone.

I Use X-Media Recode. It has a normalizer in the “Audio” tab. Just go to “Volume Correction” and select one of the normalization modes (you can normalize by % of loudness, or by target decibles).

PS: some of the later builds have not been working too well. It seems that this program can no longer create anything other than X.264 video without crashing. However, I’m sure the author will fix this problem soon.

You can also use AVIDeMux. That way you can normalize the audio (that takes re-encoding) and leave the video untouched.