How to normalise the volume in a mpeg video file?

I know this is an audio forum and my question is about audio in a way.
does anybody know how to normalise the volume in a mpeg video file?
I have downloaded a few music videos off the internet and just like mp3s they come with widely differing volumes. I use mp3 gain to sort out my mp3’s but don’t know how or what software to use to do the same to mpegs (hopefully with no loss of quality)
any help is much appreciated


I think the cooledit pro 2 software can do it, but that’s pricy… Possibly if a person were to use virtual dub, they could extract the audio from the MPEG, they could open that file in SoundForge (or their favorite audio program) and normalize it and then put them back together with TMPEG enc. If this sounds like it might be worth a go to you, reply and I will post in detail how to do this, just don’t feel like writing any more right now. It’s 1:05AM… !yawn!

Thanx for the reply.

I have already got Virtual Dub but thought it would only work with avi’s

Never heard of TMPEG.enc just gonna have a search for it to see what I can find out.

Any more info on how to do it would be much appreciated.


i don’t think you need virtual dub. I beleive you could just use TMPGEnc to de-multiplex and multiplex, under file, mpeg tools i believe. I can’t remmeber which one is which but is pretty self-explanitory to extract the audio out. Then, as compu44 said, just use your favorite audio edit program to normalize.

That’s excellent, just tried it, I used Goldwave to normalise the sound and then put the thing back together again, worked a treat.

Thanx for the replies guys