How to network a printer?

not sure if i should have asked this here or software but my question is i want to network a printer
both comps are hooked up to the same router
the printer it hookd up the a comp with windows 2000 and i want to network it to one with XP Pro
i have a HP deskjet 840C

any help in the right direct would be appreicated

You got two options here:

  1. Share the printer on your Windows PC

  2. Attach the printer directly to the network

  3. This is fairly easy. At your computer with the printer, select “sharing” for the printer (rightclick your printer in the printers folder ans choose sharing) and follow the steps.
    On the other computer(s), go to the printers folder, choose to add a new printer and select the network-printer option. Now select your source (e.g. //printerpc/printer) and off you go! As XP Pro doesn’t need any drivers for the 840, this can be done without installing drivers… great huh? :slight_smile:

  4. To do this, you need additional hardware, like a network printer port from Axis, OvisLink or HP. Although this is a very beautiful solution, I guess this isn’t worth the money for you… right?

got it working np on xp pro, thanks alot

what if i wanted another pc with 2000 on it, how would i do that?

Assuming the 2nd 2K rig is networked properly then all you should have to do is add a printer, search for the printer, add the 2K drivers to the second rig.

Sorry to dig up old thread but…
I’m trying to Network and share printer. I have my desktop hooked a Lexmark printer through USB. My desktop is hard wired (cat5) to my Linksys WRT54G. I want to share my printer with my notebook wirelessly. I’ve tried many ways (including the above) but cannot get it to work. I’ve installed the printer drivers on both but my notebook keeps saying i’m not connected to USB. My notebook just will not connect to my printer this way. I guess it cannot be done this way or my router does not work for this? I’ve run the network wizards etc… Any ideas?

After 4 days of reading on the net i finally got it to work. I had my firewall running on the Notebook and had to tweak it :doh: Hope this helps someone