How to move Fire Fox passwords from xp to vista

Hi,I have my old dell hooked on the same network as my new vista home premium.I can not afford the cable to transfer from dell to vista.My dell xp media center edition ser pc 2 will not let me in,it says I do not have the privilege and to get with the administrator.I have used my external hard drive to transfer all that matters except some stuff like fire foxs password manager (all the passwords)I need that file or folder transfered.Can anyone help me to get the right folder so I can put it on the ex Hdd and then tell me how to put it in fire fox’s folder.I need to do this with Billeo also but once I learn FF I think I can do Billeo.Thanks I could not find any where to ask this question so I put it here.

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Do you have a thumb drive?


just transfer your entire firefox profile to your new computer via your external HDD. (That transfer cable is a ripp-off btw.)
On your old computer klick Start -> Run, then type “%appdata%” (without the quotation marks)
Then you should have a new explorer Window with some folders. There should be a folder “mozilla” with subfolder “Firefox”. Open the Firefox folder and copy its contents to a folder on your external HDD.

Now go to your new computer, there you do the same, until you have your Firefox folder. Backup its content in case something goes wrong. Then delete all files and folders and copy the files and folders from your external HDD to this place.


This is a good add-on for backing up Firefox:

Thanks,I kinda thought it was that way,but I wanted someone to confirm with me!:smiley:

Now thats kool,have you used it?

[QUOTE=stinman47;2029206]Now thats kool,have you used it?[/QUOTE]

I use it all the time on all our computers. It works very well.