How to move a post from one sub-forum to another?

a couple of days ago, over in the Club MyCE > Consumer Electronic products > Standalone Video Players & Recorders sub-forum, I posted a query about a DVD player feature I would like to have on my next DVD player:

I haven’t gotten a single nibble in three days, and all the posts over there in the last week or more have all been about e-book readers, so I fear my post has just slipped through the cracks.

I’m trying to figure out how to move it over here to the Newbie Forum. Can that be done?

Or failing that, how to just delete it, and then re-post the same question over here.

If you want to move a thread from one subforum to another, the best method is to send a pm to one of the moderators over the forum where you originally posted your thread. In this case you could contact CCRomeo or Seán. You might also ask them (politely) if they would take a look at your thread and see if they know anything about your questions.

You can also bump up your thread with a simple statement in a new post…something on the order of “Does anyone have a solution for my question?”

I’ve looked at your original post, but I’m afraid I haven’t got an answer for you. It was my impression that adjusting the picture to fit the screen could be done with most modern tv sets…zoom, or stretch controls. It does tend to distort the picture however.