How to mount an image file on image drive using



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i am sreejith,i a fresher to this forum.while going through the forum i saw lot of experts in this i think my doubt can surely cleared in this doubt is how can i mount an nero image file to nero image drive using,i found a dll called imagedrv.dll in the image drive can i mount it.can i do with api call from,if so please say which r the argument for that api call and kindly give me code for that.i also have nero sdk 1.05.can it do anything on my problem.
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Unfortunately, you cannot do this programmatically or at least there is no official way to do it.


:confused: :confused: then u mean i can’t do it with the the help of the nero dll file or nero sdk.can u suggest any other method to mount the image file without using nero software.i will be waitng for ur replay


I am unaware of the programmatic way. Depending on what you are actually doing, you may attempt running ImageDrive programmatically, simulating all the correct mouse clicks and key presses. For some applications this may be totally inappropriate.