How to modify xp's autorun?



i want to add my own apps to win xp’s autorun menu (example? i’d like to add gordian knot to the dvd-video autorun section…): how can i? right clicking doesn’t work, and there isn’t any button…


im not sure what you mean by autorun menu. do you mean start menu? if thats the case, you can press the windows key, get ur start menu up, goto programs and get the folder you want to drop into, and drag / drop the icon in. usually, you gotta hold the icon, and then hover ur way to the folder.

i am on a linux pc right now, so i cant check the other, more elegant solution, as i cant navigate windows directories on red hat.

if that was not what you meant, plz clarify


i think he means the autoplay when u insert specific types of discs, such as the option for inserting an audio cd and having it automatically play in windows media player.


In regedit I navigated to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers\ and then \UserDefaults.

Looks interesting but i dont know how to edit it to make your own.

This was interesting

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\AutoplayHandlers\ has more options though. the subfolder \handlers would seem to be the way of editing the registry to add in your own application. Let us know how it works.


handlers seems to be the MS defaults. eventhandlers seems a little more promising, but im just goofing with it now.

on a side note, what if you delete all the reg entries in the “tips” folder? would they not happen?

back on subject - you just want gordian knot to be an option when you pop in a dvd disc? that might be troublesome. you may have to find a way to register gordian knot as a dvd video player. im just speculating, but its not all idle. ill work on this tomorrow. veryyyyy interesting.


really a lot harder than i thought…
will have to study the situation a bit :wink:


sorry I am dumb what is gordian knot ??


it’s one of the programs used in divx/xvid encoding.


Many programs you install get added to the autoplay menu, like nero. It must be easy to do.

Download Tweak UI, it allows you to add your own.


Originally posted by RaWShadow
Download Tweak UI, it allows you to add your own.

cool, thanks! i didn’t have this latest version…