How to modify disc images?

What could be used for modifying the contents of a disc image that has been dumped from a copy protected DVD (data not video) without messing up the protection/copy info? (Somehow I think UltraISO or WinISO would not be sufficient, or am I wrong?)

Thanks alot!

I think modifying the contents of a CD or DVD under copyright would infringe the copyright.

Indeed! (and in most cases the modified image wouldn’t work anyway)

Obviously this guy wants to put a crack inside the image file! AGAINST COPYRIGHT RULES!!

try - MagicISO - a great tool to edit cd image files!

As I cannot understand why you say that he is doing it for a crack, then posting help, I can give some input.

Depending on what the DVD is, if it has copy protection is will most likely NOT work, because you change the size and therefore the sectors and that is not at all good. But I don’t think that it is right to quick judge tike that. He could be using it to put patches on it or something.

Im here to help, also he said a DATA DVD!

That doesn’t mean anything

But the fact that it is “a disc image that has been dumped from a copy protected DVD” does. :slight_smile:

As a matter of fact, I was trying to backup my LEGAL copy of UT2004 and wanted to put the new patch 3236 on the DVD (removes cd check, so 1:1 copy wouldn’t really be necessary but I would still like it to work as a copy protected DVD). I know there are issues backing up copy protected DVD’s, but I still want to know what prog. could be used to insert the patch and theoretically still run.

as its a dvd, its hard to tell. the easiest way to do this would be to write the dvd iso, as well as the patch, to a dvd along with daemon tools. mounting the dvd.iso with daemon tools would allow you to use it as a copy protected dvd (if it allows that). i believe that it does. however, this is a roundabout solution, and i do not know of a better one :smiley:

Don’t jump to conclusions…leave room to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Adding updates to an image isn’t that uncommon…
Don’t measure his corn by your bushel…

thats a new saying for me. is that a translated netherlands idiom, or an english one? growing up surrounded by corn, i think i would have heard it before.

also - original posts were in may during my finals time, when i was less than present :stuck_out_tongue: