How to merge VOB files from mini-DVDs

How can I merge VOB,IFO & BUP files from 2 mini-DVDs from my camcorder to 1 regular (4.7Gb) DVD. I’ve seen commercial software that claims to do this but am looking for some freebie software that you’ve had success with.

I’ve never used mini DVD discs or tried to rip them, but if your PCs drive opens them, try DVDshrink and merge/compile…In Re-author mode…Don’t see why it wouldn’t work!
Else, merge the VOBs with Vob2mpg and then use something like DVDflick to create a DVD movie…

Thnx anyhow, but DVDshrink isn’t free.
From what I’ve read, merging VOBs isn’t as trivial as it should be.

I take it you want to combine two small dvd videos into one, not just merge the vobs. Merging the vobs is slightly different, and there is a tool called VobMerge, which will produce one very large vob file from a list of them, but the result won’t be compliant to dvd-video standards anymore.

Here is what I would do. I would take your video out of the .vob files and combine them into mpeg files. This is easy to do using Vob2Mpg, and will not degrade the quality of the video. Do this for each dvd that you have now, so if you started with 2 mini-dvds, you should get two separate mpeg2 files.

Now, import those mpeg2 files into DVDFlick. This tool will let you make a menu so that you can select either video. It will produce a finished dvd, ready to burn to a disk, and you can even set it to burn automatically if you wish.

Make certain to set DVDFlick to only copy the mpeg2 videos when it makes the dvd. This way you won’t lose quality by reencoding. You do this by clicking on Project Settings–>Video tab–>Advanced. Put a check mark in the box next to Copy Mpeg2 Streams, then click Accept.

You can find Vob2Mpg here:

DVDFlick is here:

Thanks, Kerry. I’m in the process of downloading & installing [I]DVDFlick [/I]and[I] VOB2MPG[/I]. When you say “DVDFlick will let you make a menu so that you can select [I]either[/I] video”, I assume you mean I should select [U][I][B]all[/B][/I][/U] the videos: each mini-DVD had a [B][I][U]few[/U][/I][/B] VOB files on it, in addition to the usual IFO & BUP files; speaking of which, should I ignore these BUPs & IFOs ?

Thanks again for your detailed explanation & links,

[QUOTE=bromberg;2477424]… but DVDshrink isn’t free.
[/QUOTE] Since when?

It’s pretty easy to do with Shrink:

According to ‘’ the price of dvdshrink is $19.99

What site are you referring to?

[QUOTE=bromberg;2477440]According to ‘’ the price of dvdshrink is $19.99

What site are you referring to?[/QUOTE]

Just click “Downloads” at the link I provided. It’s at the top of the list for most downloaded software.

It’s odd but there used to be a “Downloads” section here at MyCe where you could download DVDShrink. Don’t know where it went. :slight_smile:

DVDShrink is free. You can find it here:

Doing it with Shrink won’t give you a menu where you can select individual videos.

DVD Video always splits the video into 1gb chunks. That is why you see a number of different .vob files within any given dvd video. Vob2Mpg combines the vob files in dvd video, and changes the file extension to .mpg. The only reason for using Vob2Mpeg in this case is that it just makes it easier to import them into DVDFlick.

Thanks - my problem was that I went to ‘dvdshrink.[B]com[/B]’ instead of dvdshrink.[B]org[/B]’

I hope it will become apparent how to point [B]VOB2MPG[/B] to the 2 mini-DVDs [each containing a couple of VOB files] when I install & use it shortly.
Thanks again!

Vob2Mpg3 has two modes, IFO mode and Vobset mode. Vobset mode is the older style, but has always worked fine for me. Just navigate to the Video_TS folder that contains the vobs and it will do the work.

I thought it needed IFO mode first to read the DVD structure and then VOB mode.
Anyhow, it created a VTS_01.mpg from my first mini-DVD and (not surprisingly) a VTS_01.mpg from my second mini-DVD. Since they’re in the same folder, it looks like I’ll have to rename them otherwise they write over each other.
So what’s my next step once I’ve created VTS_0[B]1[/B].mpg and VTS_0[B]2[/B].mpg ?

Well, I might rename them to a more descriptive title, like John Kicking the Cat.mpg and Cat Gets Revenge.mpg. :slight_smile: Whatever is appropriate for your particular movies. Then start up DVDFlick.

Once you have DVDFlick open, click on the + Add Title button on the right. Import your first video. Then do that again for the second one.

Go into Project Settings and make sure you are making the appropriate type of dvd for your area (NTSC for US, PAL for most of the rest of the world). Also do the check mark in the Advanced section of Video like I described earlier to keep Flick from reencoding these mpeg files.

If you want it to automatically burn to a disk you set that in Project Settings also.

Go to Menu settings and adjust it to look like you want.

Make sure you have the final output where you want it (at the bottom of the main screen).

Click on Create DVD to start it working.

Hi Kerry!
Working like a charm so far!
These are all the files that DVDFlick created from the 2 mini-DVDs:

So I guess my final question is which file do I direct my burner to?


You need all of those files contained within a Video_TS folder. I suggest using ImgBurn for burning dvd-video. DVDFlick should have installed ImgBurn (if you didn’t already have it).

If not, you can find it here:

Follow this guide for burning dvd video to a single layer dvd using ImgBurn: Set your burning speed to a moderate level, say 8x with a desktop dvd burner, using 16x blank disks. Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are the two most recommend types for blank disks by the way.

You should try playing the dvd-video before burning, just to make sure everything worked properly. If you don’t have software for dvd playback on a computer, try VLC. It is free to use.

Hi Kerry,

Mission accomplished!
Your clear direction was an invaluable service to me.
I’ll pay-it-forward when I have an opportunity to assist someone at some forum someday.

Thanks so much!