How to merge/mux my ripped UHD Blu-ray disc into a single M2TS file?


I am right now finishing the ripping of my very first UHD Blu-ray disco with AnyDVD How can I create a single merged/muxed M2TS file from the ISO?


Most of the UHDs I’ve seen already have one M2TS file for the main movie. Even the TV UHD have one M2TS for each of the Episodes. If that is the case just copy the M2TS. I’m not sure I’ve seen any seamless branching UHD disc (yet).


@jmone1 - “The Martian” (extended version) has seamless branching, AFAIK.


Don’t save anything that way myself but yes, as noted, if it is just one file that isn’t branching you can just copy it out of the BDMV-Stream folder (after mounting it with something like Virtual Clonedrive) . Not sure of the best way to remux to a M2TS if needed/disired but CloneBD (from Elby on - I believe it is free to use if you aren’t going to transcode) can remaster a disc to a file so you could create a new M2TS file that way. Hopefully someone else who has some experience doing this can give some other options.
Note you didn’t need to copy it to an ISO to do this as AnyDVD decrypts on the fly so you can just access the disc directly.


@philwashere phil, you are correct (just checked my copy of the Martian)!


the martain extended is also the one disc i have that decrypts but with errors on the same m2ts file no matter what software i use to do it. a kind soul provided the one file to me so i could restore the missing few mins of movie. back then i was using mkvtoolsnix to mux the movie into a single mkv but i had to skip that one file.

some research leads me to believe this is a known disc issue. i have not gotten around to watching the entire movie off the disc. would be interesting to see if the oppo can deal with it


in any case i would use mkvtoolsnix and playlists to create your mkv


Thank you, everyone. The bottom line is most discs presently use a single, large m2ts for each of the main features, and MKVToolsNix can be used to create a lossless MKV when seamless branching is the case. However, there is no freeware m2ts muxing or combining that is compatible yet with UHD Blu-ray, but it should be coming soon from what I gather online.
EDIT: What I wrote above in italics is false. Copying the single main m2ts from a UHD Blu-ray disc works, but this is ever so slightly broken. Playable is flawless, but audio tracks will not show their language. You need to mux the m2ts to fix this. This brings me to my next point: what I read online about tsMuxeR muxes causing jumpy and out of sync playback is a bunch of bunk. Either the person who claimed this was not using it properly or is using a broken media player. Simply use BDinfo 0.5.10 to determine the correct mpls Blu-ray playlist file. Then select this mpls from the Blu-ray image in tsMuxeR just as you would with a normal Blu-ray. Select all the audio, video, and subtitle streams. Finally, mux it all together into a m2ts file. All my UHD m2ts muxes work perfectly in both MPC-HC and Kodi 17. In addition, the muxes will show the language for each audio stream which the unmuxed single, large m2ts from the disc would not properly show.


Just as an update, you will want to use tsMuxeR to mux even with movies with one main m2ts. Otherwise, the audio tracks will not properly display their language.


Just as another update, tsMuxeR does not work with Coco. Any help to make a working M2TS file would be greatly appreciated.


Don’t have any specific suggestions other than possibly reiterating the CloneBD option to remaster it which may address the seamless branching options.

But, as I didn’t see it above, why are you choosing this much more difficult path than simply making MKV’s?


Read this thread


DolbyVision support, among other things.


Bingo! Thank you.


Never mind. I spoke too soon. It still requires tsMuxeR to work, which errors out regardless with Coco. The search continues!


Understand the DV. Though it is on so few titles, you could just do those as a TS and avoid issues on the rest (like Coco).
Is there some other limitation you’ve run into with your use scenarios?


Look at MeGUI, StaxRip, or Hybrid
Do you have a NVidia gpu


No, just an Intel 7th Gen NUC for the primary HTPC. But it will soon be upgraded to a Raven Ridge ITX build in the next few months.


MKVs of HDR-enabled titles like Coco result in bleached/washed out color. On the other hand, for titles where M2TS muxing actually works (e.g. Planet Earth 2), I am able to get around this problem. This is with Kodi 17. I am doing direct copy rips, no reencodes.


Sounds like an issue with Kodi, not your MKVs.


Yeah, this isn’t an issue with the container, it would be a temporary issue with KODI being behind on HDR support. Surprised that TS files work for you. Quick scan indicates there are work around like setting KODI to use MPC-BE & MadVR as the player (on a PC) or using Plex within Kodi as Plex supports it fine.
Obviously the challenge is just to decide what work around is more challenging, random issues with making ts files or doing the workarounds required to continue to use KODI (or just waiting until they finally get support working).