How to merge multiple BDMV w/Menu

I individually ripped each episode of Firefly off original discs into separate BDMV folders and would like to combine them again with a menu… I exclusively use HTPCs so I don’t care about the end size because I do not EVER plan on using discs ever again. The reason I ripped them individually was to take out all the worthless extra audio tracks and disc “extras” to conserve space and well because I hate all that extra crap. I used Slysoft anydvd to originally rip the disc then I used DVDFab to rip out all the individual episodes. I did once make one monstrous ts folder with all the “Friends” episodes I individually ripped, but that was DVD and I would like to have the same with Blu-Ray… I think I used Nero to do the DVD TS thing. Is there a particular software suite I should use and how?


By the way I don’t want any compression or loss…

If each individual episode is a single m2ts file in the Streams folder of the BDMV folders, you can use MultiAVCHD to make a single blu ray video out of them and make a menu to select each episode. Use the m2ts files as input, not the BDMV folders.

That is basically your only choice if you want a free program.

There is a program called Easy BD that can do this type of blu ray authoring, but it is not free. They have a free version, but it cannot take more than one title as input and it won’t make a menu. The standard commercial version will do what you need. And they have some more, fairly expensive variations on this program if you need more capabilities.

There are some other options, like TMPGEnc Mastering Works. I don’t know if you can get it to author without reencoding however.

The menu part is the sticking point, as Kerry mentioned, only multiavchd can make blu-ray menu(freeware).

Since you are running from hard drive, you could place them all in one folder and then rename the individual files…like episode1.m2ts, etc.

Hmmm… I will look into that. Thanks! What is the best blu ray authoring program regardless of cost? On a side note, I have been trying to mess with Nero 12 Recode and am trying to figure out what the quality factor means… I decided that I would play around with changing my blurays and dvd main movie folders to .MKV. With DVDs I can change the slider to 1.0 but it’s always in the area that says “too high quality”. I want lossless. My blurays like at best even in the too high quality zone end up only at like .24… With regard to audio, Im assuming the “pass through” option is the lossless one. I have looked everywhere and I just don’t understand why they just don’t have a check box for lossless conversion. Guess that would be too easy.

If you want to convert your blu ray to mkv, you will lose menus. You can keep subtitles and extra audio tracks however.

Since you don’t want any compression, the tool to use for this is MakeMKV. It is free while in beta, though you have to go to their website each month and download a new beta key. It has been in beta status for years now, with no end in sight. Here is the page with the beta keys:

MakeMKV will decrypt and rip the blu ray for you into an mkv file. It won’t re-encode anything, and so the output mkv file will be very close to the size of the original blu ray main movie, just missing the menu.

As far as no cost barred blu ray authoring, you’re probably looking at something like Scenarist BD, or Sony Blu Print 6. DoStudio Indie edition is another professional authoring program. All of these are very expensive. Sony Vegas Pro is probably a step down from them, but all of these are far beyond the needs of an amateur.

Lol I’m sooooooo out of my league but I have Cyberlink Power Director and Sony Vegas Pro and I cant seem to figure either out. I thought it would be really simple to just take multiple ts folders and just combine them into one huge ts folder… I guess my next attempt is to take vegas and edit LOTR so I can combine both blu rays to see if I can get them to play all the way thru seamlessly