How to merge and edit .mpg videos of Sony handy cam

I have Sony DRCSR65 handycam. i make movies which are in breaks. i want to merge these movies in one. how could i do this. There is no pause function. it is making small small files. i want to merge all files of one event in one. please tell me how.

i have Windows XP with SP2. i have Windows movie make. i cant open .mpg file in windows movie maker. converting it in AVI reduce the quality.

Try with avidemux…File>‘Open’ first.mpg and then File> ‘Append’ the rest…Good luck!..

its not working. i have installed Avidemux 2.4. when i open .mpg file it gives error. please hel me.

is there any way edit in windows movie Maker.

now i have done some thing.
i have instaled AC3Filter audio codec so now it can open in window movie editor but only audio is enable video is not.

What error is Avidemux giving you? And yes you should be able to open and edit with WMM…

Might want to try with other editors…

thanks for replies. i have done some thing and can edit now through windows movie editor. what i have done i instaled ffdshow codec.

is it the way. by luck i have done this.