How to mass delete those stupid watermarks on photos?



Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone here knows a tool that can be used to delete the watermarks on photos? I really don’t need those stupid little text, website referrals. I just want a nice pure photo. I know I can do this by hand using Picture it! or something, but that takes too long!
Let me know what to do!


You have to know the program which made the watermarks, then you can delete them by reversing the process in the same program.


Wow is that really the only way?
Any way to find out which program they use?
Or how about a program that systematically cuts off about an inch and so removes the watermarks?


What kind of watermarks? The (visual)graphical ones can’t be removed, the ones made by Photoshop are hidden in de pixels and can’t been seen with the bare eye.

Could you provide an example?


Some companies just let their picture files on some websites so that everyone can download and use the files anywhere. Then a company suddenly decides to sue some hundreds or thousands of individuals who can’t afford organized legal defense at once. Most easily become victims and they agree to pay hundreds to thousands in USD. Some software companies don’t make or sell software. They buy licenses and wait people to use their software without legal agreements and when the time is ripe, they employ a lawyer’s office. That sort of income acounts for most of their revenues. Just in South Korea and they may not be true anywhere else.