How to Manually Uninstall Nero 7

Hi guys, I need help on Nero 7 Installation

I have Nero and upgraded to Because I want to try to Use Nero ShowTime, so I ran the SetupX again and want to modify to add Nero ShowTime. Suddenly, the installer said that I dont have one of the .dll, and I have to reinstall Nero. Before I want to reinstall Nero 7, I try to run Nero Burning ROM, and a Window appeared saying that I dont have the UDF(something).dll. after that, I cant Uninstall or Re install Nero 7.

I tried to install the 6th edition, and It work, but after I want to install the Nero 7 (Before that, SetupX removed Nero 6), the installer ask if I want to Modify, Repair or Remove Nero 7. But there are no more Nero 7 on my system! I tried to delete all the AHEAD key and DWORD on Registry but still I failed to install Nero.

What I want to ask is :

  1. How to manually Uninstall Nero 7?
  2. Could somebody help me remove Nero 7 Completely from my system so I could Reinstall it?

thank you very much

Hi :slight_smile:
Have you tried tools found here.

Had similar problems with cleaning the 6 version out before I could re-install a few weeks ago. It was weird…in the end I had to download and run ALL the clean tools, restart several times. I think it took me most of a day to get everything running right again.
Good luck!

It works… thanx :slight_smile:

How do I install my new nero in D? It goes only to C.
Many thanks


When Nero start installation after decopressing the files then you see a windows that Nero gives choice to install the Nero in directory of your liking press the browse botton and select your drive “D” then press install.

OK - so now what?
Which tool do I use first to remove 7?

Nero 7 cleantool

:cool: :cool:

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Oooh, did not realize.

You can use Final Uninstaller to remove Nero

I do have a legal version - its actually a version provided by HP - for the DVD Writer. I guess its a OEM serial # ?

I have the S/N - which I found via the Registry (Nero once showed me how to find it).

[[I]Warez related request deleted[/I]]

And why when I open Nero Essentials, it says Nero 4?


PS : Googled nero trial - but found version 9 kept popping up.
And most were of the Bit Torrent type - not sure if I am comfortable with this.