How to manually uninstall Daemon Tools


Could anyone please tell me how to uninstall Daemon Tools manually? because when I try to use Add/Remove programs and to disable the drive, my XP crashed!

Try installing the latest version. Reboot. Try the uninstall again.

Make sure you unmount the drive first otherwise you will have problems uninstalling it.

If that doesn’t work you can simply delete the program and then disable it.

After deleting type MSCONFIG in the RUN box and click the STARTUP tab then uncheck DAEMON.


Still searching for the latest version, I got a broken link on the official site…

No can do! It still crashing my XP, and the virtual drive still exist! I already uncheck the Daemon startup service in the MsConfig.


Try this link. Just downloaded 3.41

Remove (or rename) C:\windows\system32\drivers\st3shark.sys and pnpshark.sys. In old version it might be called differently, but should start with st3.

Thanks Andareed, It works!

too bad the problem still occur in my PC… everytime I want to delete, make the DVD ROM Digitally read CD music, or disable my LTD-166S, XP will crash…

I thought it was a corrupt DTools driver…

Could anyone here solve my problem? thanks a lot :bow: :bow: :bow:

It seems like you have a corrupt system to me.
There is usually only one solution to problems like this and that’s a fresh install of XP.

Trust me, you will continue to have more and more problems with something like this and you will just spend hours of wasted time trying to fix it.

Before you do tho just try one thing that I can think of.
That is to uninstall ‘ALL’ your drives from Device manager and uninstall ‘ALL’ your IDE controllers then reboot.

If it’s a corrupt driver problem then this should fix it, if not then a fresh install is probably the way to go.

By the way do you have ‘Instant CD/DVD’ installed on your system?

Yes. VOB’s ASAPI is a bugger.

no, I dont have Instant CD/DVD. The software installed on my PC is :
> Nero
> Alcohol 120% 1.47 Trial version (Removed)
> Clone CD
> Clone CD ( 20 of 21 Trial )
> PowerDVD Version 5

I cant uninstall my DVD Drive, since it will crash my XP, in normal mode or safe mode. But I will try to uninstall all of my IDE Controllers.

will the command “Winnt32 /Unattend” save my system from corruption?

You can try it I suppose it’s worth a shot, but If it was me I would do a fresh install.
If it doesn’t work then you know what to do.

By the way when you say XP crashes when you try to uninstall the drive, how do you mean?

okay… I give you an example

In the device manager, I right click the XJ-HD166s, and choose Uninstall, then I press yes, XP stopped, crash, reset.

It’s the same when I want to enable the digital reading on the disk. check it, click on apply, crash.

Rather than choose the device, choose the controller to which it is attached


when I want to uninstall the secondary IDE Controller, press OK, then XP Crashed!

There are too much programs in my PC. Too lazy to reinstall all the applications. Is there another way not to format or do fresh install?

this also occur when I upgrade my LTD-166s firmware from DS18 to DS31 or DS1A. XP Refuse to accept Firmware after DS18. but my Asus 4824A seems ok when I flash it.

how to manually uninstall nero

I couldn’t update to SP1, getting the “atapi.sys” error message, so after many web searches it dawned on to me check the “Help” in the program itself (Version DT346). My search in the “Manual” for “uninstall” yielded the long sought for results!

In my case I followed the Manual Instructions since I had already tried the Recommended ones many times without success.

There are additional instructions for problems with Windows Installer, but they did’nt apply to me.


[li]Click Start[/li][li]Select Settings[/li][li]Click Control Panel[/li][li]Double-click on Add/Remove Programs[/li][li]Scroll and click on DAEMON Tools[/li][li]Click Remove/ol:[/li][ol]
[li]Enter device manager [ul][/li][li]In Windows 9x/ME, right-click on My Computer, and click Device Manager[/li][li]In Windows NT/2000/XP, click Start, click Run, type devmgmt.msc, and click OK[/ul][/li][li]Goto the System section[/li][li]Delete ‘PnP BIOS Extension’ - If you unsure whether to delete it, goto the driver tab and click driver details, then check the version of the driver (should be the same version as your DAEMON Tools)[/li][li]Reboot your computer[/li][*]Follow (Recommended)[/ol]


Could anyone please tell me how to uninstall Daemon Tools manually? because when I try to use Add/Remove programs and to disable the drive, my XP crashed![/QUOTE]

If you want to remove daemon tools searchbox in firefox, start firefox in safe mode and check boxes to reset configuration options (all except bookmarks).
In IE, just change default search provider.

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