How to make WMP play DVDs?

Hello guys,

I need some advice how to make my WMP play the James Bond DVD I’ve borrowed from a friend.

I have Win XP Home and a DVD-ROM but it won’t play the DVD. I believe I need a codec but I know very little about those things and need advice. I checked the DVD properties and it’s a UDF.

What do I have to do to watch it?


Go here
Download and instal full and you should be all set

Download the free trial of Nvidia Purevideo Decoder, and if WMP then plays the DVD…it is in fact a codec issue.

If it still won’t play, it could be anything from settings within WMP to the DVD drive itself being defective.

Try something free first, most people do not need anything else.

Is the full pack necessary? I’ve never needed most of that, and many I’ve gotten on my own…so just wondering if you downloaded it and with no issues?? :flower:

I never needed the full so try the lite first if you wish.
IMO always do the job with the fewest changes.

You’re right, but I wonder if loading the entire codec pack is needed? I mentioned that tadaska can try thr free trial to see if it is a codec issue, he/she doesn’t need to buy it.
Will DScaler5 be enough?


That’s why I would recommend VLC, as it plays tons of formats (including DVD video). Real Free Software. :slight_smile:
And it does not mess around with the system configuration like those codec packs do. The latter are sometimes questionable regarding the commercial decoders (there is nearly no really free MPEG2 decoder) that are also bundled.


Problem with some trial versions is they maybe hard to remove later. IMO free and simple is best.

Thank you guys for such fast replies.

I don’t have internet at home at the moment; I’ve sneaked into my boss’ office and have to be quick. I’ve downloaded everything you guy said onto a usb stick.

Is there like a single codec for UDF? I used to have K-lite ages ago but there was a problem or something and I got rid of it. I’d rather keep things simple. I hope I’m making sense…


get VLC (see link above) and you’ll be fine. No need to hassle with WMP (that is only designed to playback MS’ own formats).


That may be a true alternative, if he don’t mind not using WMP for DVDs.

Not so with Nvidia Decoder. Uninstall thru Add/Remove…Then search ‘My Computer’ for 'Nvidia PureVideo, and delete any trace files if any leftover…gone :bigsmile:

WMP can play most video formats eventually but VLC can right away…including AVIs, MPEGs, as well as the DVDs (VOB,IFOs)

I’d rather use WMP… I used to download different players every time until some of them I think started killing each other or something… so I’m trying to keep it simple and understand what I’m doing - tired of reinstalling windows.

BTW where do I get IMO? Can’t find it.

A problem may have many solutions all which work for some but not all, here we offer an opinion of what will work it is up to you to pick and try what will work for you. GOOD LUCK :flower:


Thanks again everyone, g2g… I’ll let you know how it goes

IMO was CCRomeo saying In My Opinion…lol

Well stated… :smiley:

Is your dvd original or a copy. If a copy, chances are very slim that it will play in WMP no matter what you do.

Nearly every copy I make plays fine on the WMP.

What version of WMP are you running?