How to make use of the AV-In port?



Hi thar! I have a very irritating problem with my laptop, or one of it’s ports we can say… My Asus G2S has an AV-In port, no it’s not out, it’s IN. It says so with letters on the side. The laptop even came with a cable to connect the red, white and yellow ones into, which then is connected into the laptop.
However, I have no idea how to make use of this? Is there any software needed? Can I do it directly with Vista? I want to connect my Wii or Xbox 360, so I can play on my laptop screen. I’ve searched everywhere, googled it up and down but no results.

So, to clarify. I have the AV-In port, I have the necessary cables, but I do not know how to make the image pop up on my screen. There were no software supplied with the laptop to make use of this port. Do anyone know?

Thanks for all help (L)


You need to search for free “video capture” software. Does the manual say anything?


One of the uses would be to view files on a Camera.

The picture below is an example of a cable that could be plug-in to the AV port and will allow you to view the pictures from a camera on the larger screen size.



Just a picture to show everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, there were no manual with the laptop. Alright, I’ll check the web for some video capture software! I’ll be back and let you know!

I even got and FM/DTV antennae with the laptop but nothing to tell me how to use it:P (This is off-topic, sorry.)


Found a program that at least gave me a picture on the screen:

Thats a lot of progress! (For me atleast…)
Now, can anyone tell my why the picture won’t show correctly? All cables are correctly plugged. Might it be my resolution?
And to the guys above, thanks a lot!:smiley:


Here is a thread you might want to read through. Link


[QUOTE=eric93se;2484351]Here is a thread you might want to read through. Link[/QUOTE]

Checked everything, but nothing on my problem :\ I have the xbox on-screen, except it flickers, as you can see from my pictures. So, the first problem was solved, but only raised another one. Anyone?

I don’t know if it might be something wrong with my AV-In port, or the cable between the composite from the xbox and the port. Last time I saw something similar was when my composite was badly connected to my TV.


Have you looked in Device Manager to see what capture device it is?


No, I didn’t see the need for that. When I connect my camera to the S-video in port on the same cable. (See picture above.) I get a stable picture and it works perfectly.

Do you think it might be driver related?


Could definitely be the driver, but you need to know exactly what the device model is. If you use windows update to automatically update the driver, but that doesn’t always go as planned.


Ok, checked around in Device Manager. The closest thing I came was “TV tuner device”, which is updated with the latest driver from However, the driver is almost 3 years old…


Try some more free capture software :slight_smile: Some will work while other won’t (with that hardware).


No luck :\ I’m out of options or luck. Maybe I’ll just buy a S-video output cable for the xbox, seems easier :stuck_out_tongue: