How to make the perfect dvd2avi

I have maked about 50 xvid movies with:
Flaskmpeg (avi + subtitles encoded in the avi file)
Avimux to multiplex the ac3 and avi file

Thats how i have done it until now, but i got three problems has appeared in about 5 movies.

  1. Flaskmpeg can’t complete the encoding and is closing
  2. Flaskmpeg ain’t able to read the subtitles in the movie
  3. Flaskmpeg isn’t reading the Vob files right and playback and encoding appears with scrambled a picture.

I need to make perfect Xvid movies and needs to:
Have the subtitle encoded into the movie (avi file)
have a program that works every time
make a perfect encoding every time.

Do some of you know the programs i should use for that?

DVD Decrypter
SubRip + Notepad
Avisynth + Plugins
Have a look at doom9’s forum. =)