How to make the MB BIOS recognize a bad flashed burner


Following the thread I have posted some days ago (

I still want to ask this: Is there a way to make the BIOS of the Mother Board recognize my half-dead CD BURNER ?

There was a guy on this forum talking about change the options in the bios settings and choose USER DEFINED and not AUTO, if I choose USERs, another options show up and I can choose LARGE NORMAL or LBA , and if I try to change it, the computer freeze …

Anyway, even if I choose USERS DEFINED, the bios still doesn’t recognize it, but the boot sequence is a little bit more long, and when I am in windows XP the red LED of the tour is allways ON but that’s all, so, it does something but not much.

the state of my burner now is:
cannot open it, unrecognizable by bios, and the orange led of the face is allways ON.

Help ME, help YOU (would you believe that ?)

see ya

Hi there, I f**** my LiteOn CDRW by flashing it with the wrong firmware and it died on me. I managed to get it back going and it’s okay now.

My BIOS did not recognise the drive when it went wrong but I managed get it going again with MktFlash.

If your CDRW is a LiteOn I can tell you how to do it if your stuck.

chrome ;0)

My burner is not a LITEON , it’s an old SONY CRX120E, a 4x4x20x.

but you still can explain what did you do to make your burner lives again for others people with the same problems, and by the way it may give me ideas to fix mine.

see ya