How to make the LG GSA-4167B, external?

I have a laptop that I’m looking to hook an internal LG GSA-4167B burner up to, since I’ve been told it’s the most ideal ripper to use with EAC. This unit has:

  • has high rip-to-rip consistency
  • has very good error detection and correction without slowing down too much
  • has high statistical C2 accuracy
  • works well with EAC

Is there a external case or enclosure here that would be ideal for this sort of thing?

To convert the IDE cable into USB 2.0 or IEEE Firewire? seems to have several.

Which one would you all recommend for the GSA-4167B?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Try and get a Prolific controller based enclosure.
These have both USB2.0 and Firewire.

I have my 4165B in one, and it works great with my lappy.

Any particular brand?

Which one do you use?


I just bought this bytecc model (USB version only).

It comes in a USB or FW or combo version. It was easy to put together. It works well. Good luck!

Which drive did you put in it? The 4167B?

Sorry about all the questions. I just want to make sure I get the right match. It seems these burners are very finicky about which case will match them.

b83768, I put in the 4167B.

The case is not the problem, it’s the controller that can cause the hickups.
I have no idea any more who made my case, but it comes with a Prolific controller, which allows Firewire and USB2.0.
I choose it because it was cheap, it just happened to be a good one as well.

There are now also Firewire 2 (800Mbs) external cases coming out.
Should be no worries then with burning @16x

There is 1 problem with my Prolific to change the Firmware on the burner I need to change the Firmware on the Case to the LG one from the 4160, but this only allow me to burn @8x max
But I can just change Prolific firmware on the go to suite my needs, I found a Dec 05 firmware (about 1 year newer than came with my case) this allow much faster burns a 2.2GB burn (1/2 disc) goes to 12x so it should get to 16x when at the 4.5GB mark or so.
Ran out of 16x media to test this, must get some more.

It’s good to get this sorted before buying, it will eliminate certain lemons :slight_smile:

Yeah I know. That’s why I’ve been trying to get the info for all this ahead of time.

What website did you go to update your Prolific firmware at?

I’ve been doing a search of the forums but not much is there regarding this. Some cases have controllers in them that use Prolific, others use the Oxford chipset (mostly for use with Firewire) and there’s still another that uses a chipset called IC (EPASS) shown here:

The photo of it just happens to have an LG drive in it. Go figure…

I also understand that LG makes the GSA-5120D, an external unit, but I don’t believe it’s been tested using EAC.

Have a look here (last post on page 1)
I’ve made up a file for those with 4165’s to convert their drive to a 4167.
In here are the files needed to flash the drive.

It also has the original 4167B DL12 firmware, the RPC1 and Auto-reset ones as well.
And it comes with the latest Prolific firmware and the LG 4160 firmware needed to be able to change the 4167(5)B burners firmware.

To change the Prolific controller (3507) firmware a USB cable is needed, Firewire cable can’t find the Prolific controller.

All the hardwork has been done by Beefjerky :slight_smile: