How to make the first column "always-on-top" in Excel?

I need to make a large sheet in Excel and I really wonder how to make the first-column always-on-top, so if you scroll horizontally, it will be like columns A, C, D, E… displayed.

I have seen that Plextor 760A’s media list has implemented always-on-top rows (top 15 rows are always visible, if I scroll up and down only the part below them will actually scroll), but I have not found out the secret of the formatting (yet?). :eek:

If anybody can help me with that, it would be really great.

“Fenster teilen” + “Fenster fixieren”

(Sorry for German, but I suspect, kg_evilboy runs a german version of Excel)

Wow, thanks!

(No, I’m using English versions of both Windows and Office. I don’t know why I insist on this, I guess it must be a late effect of me collecting Pokémon trading cards in 1999, when English cards were considered to be superior to German ones. With an English system, I can always switch to Suomi or Swahili (via MUI) if in need. :))