How to make the best possible mp3's II



I just posted the article How to make the best possible mp3’s II.

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“How to make the best possible mp3’s” - major site update

Since last time, now includes:

Xing VBR & CBR (Xing Mpeg,…

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Hey - I cant find the site. Does anyone know a working link for this site as I’d LOVE to read this.
Please e-mail me if you know where I can find it.


Nila try again…it’s there.


Hi all,

Try this:



Otherwise the place without redirections…


Very interesting,but why no comparing with Audiograbber ?

(That’s also one of the best ?)


audiograbber = ripper, no encoder. please read the site. (you could find out why audiograbber is a no-good ripper for encoding functionality)