How to make test disk?

I have nero cd-dvd speed ver. 3.21, and I have never used the advanced features before. I want to test the advanced DAE features of my drive, but I can’t get cd speed to create a test disk. Can someone walk me through it.

Thanks :confused:

start CD Speed, put in blank disk, extra…advanced DAE…create test disk…Start.

I tried that already. It looks like a disk is being made and stops at the capacity of the disk, but when I try to run the test, the disk is blank.

OK…try Run Test…F9 (Create Data Disc) then. i KNOW i made a couple the other day that way. I THINK the other method had a ‘simulate’ mode you have to uncheck to get it to do a burn.

Thanks, I got the disk made. Another question: while running the tests, when it got to reading Leadout, it just sat there for about 10 minutes until I decided to hit cancel. Does this mean my drive failed to read the leadout or should I have given it more time to finish?

Thanks alot

i think that would depend on what speed you were burning at? Next time go grap a cup of coffee, then see if it finishes.

Well, I let it sit for 1 hour and it did the same thing, I had to hit stop to cancel the test. This is with my Plextor burner. My Aopen drive completed the test.