How to make sure a particular file is copied first?

ok guys here’s the question
I have a file say “123.sys” which i want to place in the beginiing of the data track on my data cd so that that file is coppied first by any software trying to copy my CD how do i go abt achieving this any software anything…

i dont mind even renaming the file to anythin to achieve this… plz help:bow:

I think that you have to make sure it is at the top of the list in Nero (if that is the program you are using). Don’t take my word for it though.
If you aren’t using Nero, then I have no idea.

most mastering programs (such as nero) will burn files in alphabetical order (both in terms of filename and the folder they’re placed in) so if you want a certain file to be burned first, you would need to put it in the root of the disc with a filename that comes first alphabetically.