How to make Nero Vision accept FLV files?

Hi, is there a way to make Nero Vision to accept FLV files? I have all the codecs installed, I can play FLV files and convert them using TMPGEnc, but Nero won’t accept them. Please help, thanks.

i have Nero 8 and i found out, that Nero doesn’t ecept downloaded files (flv) from RealPlayer - Downloader.

It must be a special codec or something else, what’s in the downloaded files with RealPlayer.

I downloaded a few flv - files in annother neutral procedure - without using software !

No i can convert flv’s with Nero 8 - Nero Vision!

The only thing, whats good - using RealPlayer: (if you pay for “RealPlayer plus”) - you can download flv’s and convert them straight ahead to DVD - Video. It works fine. The only problem, i had, was:
Before you burn the files, you can make a choice between automatic run or an overview - where you can see, what files are on the disk. I had problems - at least with my cheep DVD - Player - and could not handle it.
So i decided to burn it for an automatic play - without any fiew’s. It works fine to me.
Sound and Video - great.
But, like i sayed: There must be a codec ore something like that, what Nero doesn’t like!

The same problem i do have with other flv’s,ho are NOT downloaded with Real -than RealPlayer is the one, ho don’t accept the flv files :slight_smile:

If you like to no, how to cache them without using any frindly “helpers” ! ! ! like RealPlayer - Download Plugin:

Than use just FireFox! - download / rersp. install the addon "Cache Viewer"
i am using the 0.6.3 from this adress:

I don’t no, how much / big your cache has to be. I wil figure it out in the next time. Maybe it only works, when the cache in FireFox is big inough - i don’t no yet.

I was surching for a special video. I went to the url - run the video - and take a look in the Cache with cacheviewer

I didn’t find a link / adress about the video. There was no file, whats big enough, to be the right one / the video.
Than i had an idea:

I cleaned the cache (deleted all files) and run the video again.
While it was running, i went to: “file” --> “ofline working” and was ofline the same moment - but not the video ! - it was still playing - and i take again a look in the cache ! - and B I N G O ! Than i saw a file. ho is very big!
And this file was named flv shockwave usw usw.

In the window of the cache viewer, i did a right klick on the file --> chose “save as” - and a download window is shown for save or run. Than i downloaded it - and i had a clean flv. This one is runnig in Nero Vision without any problems.

Here again the adress for the addon i am using:

Next time, i wil figure it out, how many cache i need for some very big files. Maybe, i do not need any cache or big cache at all. I didn’t try it yet. But it’s no problem. I saved some procedures and use them for testing.
Maybe ido not need any cache or at least a big cache for this options. - i wil find out.

If you like to contact me:

ftmmsch a t googlemail dot com

P.S. sorry for my wild and big posting :slight_smile: