How to make my Xbox360 region-free?


How can I make my xbox360 region-free or multiregional.


I don’t believe that you can at this point. I know that certain NTSC (USA) games are region free but that is about it. You will have to wait for the mod scene to pick up some more steam before that will be a viable option.


a person is buying my xbox360 from europe. he lives in the USA.

if he buy a game in the USA, does it work on a pal system?

i dont want make somebody unhappy, send a xbox back to the USA is very expensive.

As I said it kind of depends on the game. I don’t currently have a list. You might be able to find one by searching around.

EA (i.e. mercs2 is not region free its gonna be u.s. or u.k.) others include…

assassins creed
too human
guilty gear xxx
rumble roses

need i say more i see trouble ahead :slight_smile: sorry :slight_smile: