How to make my DVD writer work?

Happy New Year !

I’ve a Dell XPS NextGen and have Phlips 8601 drive and I get all kinds of errors while trying to burn DVD-R’s. CD’s burn fine.

I searched this forum on this and after going thro’ them all, I’m very confused as what I’ve to do make this work and how to rollback in case of a problem.

I understand the drivers from benq( ) are good.

But, most of the forum members seem to talk about is DW1600, which I now as progressed upto DW1620( Firmware v. B7P9 ) - Is this compatible ?

Also, what exactly I should do to flash this drive, as I do see an ‘exe’ if I get the zipped file.

If I need to revert back, for what ever reason, how do I do that ? I’ve all the cd’s from Dell.

Any pointers/information would be helpful.

Thanks much…

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I don´t think it´s that simple to convert a Philips 8601 to BenQ, but…
Make a read in this thread and you will hopefully understand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome on the forum, Cosmo Kramer.
If you want to convert your drive into a Benq, you’ll need the following tools/stuff.
WinDwFlash. exe and the firmware as a *.cvt file,(I would choose B7P9.cvt). After flashing the drive with B7P9.cvt I would dowload the original B7T9.exe and flash the drive with this latest firmware. Shut down and start computer between these two flashes. All can be found here,

by flashing your drive into a Benq you have voided the warrant agreement of your drive. If your drive stops working, you’ll have to take that loss and don’t claim on the warrant agreement of your drive.

You can’t convert your drive back to a Philips 8601.

So, decide what you want to do, and accept the consequences of converting your drive.