How to make my back-up DVD Region Free

Hello - extreme newbie here - tried searching the forums a bit but could not find answer to my problem, so hear goes.

I have a region code 2 DVD that I want to make a region free copy of. I am doing this so I can play the copy on the Sony DVD player hooked up to my TV, which only plays region code 1 DVD’s.

The region code 2 DVD plays on my computer, as I am running AnyDVD However, whenever I try to copy the DVD, the copy always ends up being region code 2 coded, and won’t play on my Sony DVD player as it says “coded for different region” or something similar.

I have tried playing around with the settings on AnyDVD, turning the check mark for “Hardware Region code:simulate RPC2 drive with matching region” both on and off, as well as the “region code scripts” check mark on and off, and different combinatios of these two settings, and every time I get a region 2 DVD.

I’ve tried both ClondDVD2 and Nero Recode 2, but have had no success. Any suggest as to what I should do? Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Try to use DVD Shrink. After pressing the baclup button, you can choose to make the disc region-free (see image)

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j_shiv, welcome to the forum. If you have AnyDVD set to default then your backup should be region free.

I’ll try DVD shrink - and using the AnyDVD defaults resulted in the copied DVD having the same region as the original - not region free. Strange, but true!

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Interesting isn’t it. I have always used default. This results in my backups being regions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or if you like all regions. Which in practice is like region free.

You know what, I just figured out that my problem isn’t the region code, it’s the PAL format the DVD i’m backing up is in - need to transfer it to NTSC - going to search the forums and see how I do that!

dvdSanta is the favorite for that.

A lot of DVD players will toss a “wrong region” message if they see a PAL disc that’s the right region, that’s probably what’s happening.

After reading around, it seems there is no reliable, high quality way of transferring PAL to NTSC - all the recommendations I found said the best thing to do is find a player that plays PAL format! Oh well…

Hi Everyone,

Like j shiv, I’m a newbie, with the same problem, and another related one. I’ve tried a number of copy programs with AnyDVD running in the background, confirming a PAL formatted original. Yet, each attempt to copy, for example, with CloneDVD, Intervideo Copy, resulted in the original format. As well, AnyDVD reports no disk in my LG “reader” drive. (The Writer is new Plextor 716A optical drive).

I have copied Area One media from the LG to the Plextor with no trouble. Only the PAL won’t do it, with AnyDVD. Could the problem be the unused five “free” any region plays in the Plextor or LG? AnyDVD lists Region O, though set at Area 1 default.

Other people have copied PAL formats. What do you think is wrong? Region, AnyDVD listing no disk when I have put a blank in the Plextor?

Your help will be greatly appreciated, for I’ve all ready wasted a number of blank DVD + R disks.

Thank you all.

Best wishes,