How to make My 40125W, Mount Rainer Compatible Without OC to 48125W?

Which firmware can I use, and why, to make my 40125W drive to make it compatible with mount rainer specification ???


You can use ZS0J to stay with 40x,12x,48x. It will change your writer to a LTR-40125S instead of W. That firmware adds Mt.Rainier and P-CAV writing. I see no downside to converting and only upsides. You will have to use MTK Flash and bin firmware. See OC-Freak’s excellent tutorial on this here: :cool:

I do not know if there is a fw for the 40125W by Liteon yet for this…but if you use mtkflash…you can flash using ZS0J(which is for 40125S) and get Mt Rainier and CAV writing support or you can flash it to a 48x drive and o/c with VS02 , VS04, VS06

here is the liteon answer for the problem of mount rainer support on 40125W :

Dear Sir,

Your drive fully supports Mt.Rainier.
Do you have a recording software installed on your PC ie Nero, Winon etc.
If so, please deinstall it and reinstall the CDRW.

Best regards,

Michael Crossan
FA Engineer, Liteon IT.
Optical storage Div.,

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