How to make my 110D region free?




Here is what info i got from neroinfo tool

Region control : rpc 1
Region code : all

Changes left user : n/a
changes left vendor : n/a

When I play some DVDs i get copyrights error, I think it’s the region lock.

How do i unlock the region?




None available yet. Keep your eyes here for a release.


I have a region free DVD-ROM, do i also have to have the DVD writer to be region free to write other region DVDs?




No, normally you would burn regioncode FREE DVDs.
If there are not yet, you could use tools like DVDDecrypter.


you can used DVD43 from


I could be wrong, but I don’t think that software will help you in playing a DVD in your player if it is the wrong region. It looks like DVDDcrypter in that it will allow you to make a region free copy of a disc. I still think you would have a problem if your disc is mismatched.


no this software masks the regions of the drive and the dvd
so you can play and DVD region on the drive even if it’s rpc-2


Thanks for the info; you learn something every day. So it is really more like AnyDVD?


Yes, these softwares are all in the same league.
Also you should check with VideoLanClient and RemoteSelector etc.