How to make MP3 compilation DVD with a slideshow of the CD covers?..More Inside

I would like to make a music DVD of a favorite CD box set -The songs will be in MP3 format and all in the root directory and will autoplay the songs when inserted to a player.
I would also like to include a slideshow of the CD cover scans that will
loop (continuously show) as the music is playing.
Can someone recommend a popular software that I can author such a DVD?

I’d try ProShow Gold, it can make a slideshow of pictures (your Covers) with background music (your MP3’s).

Thanks Chickenman-
Thanks for your reply.I downloaded the demo of ProShow Gold. True to what I was searching for.Thank you. The only thing I haven’t figured out yet is how to get the name of each MP3 to display as it is being played. And it really takes a while to load a lot of MP3s to your project. My Box set had 75 songs—I had to leave it loading while I went to work in the yard! But I do like this program–its what I needed. :iagree: