How to make 'mini' Blu ray discs

Heres a way of creating mini Blu ray back ups onto dual layer DVDs.

  1. Rip Blu ray movie to hard drive.
  2. Using Tsmuxer 1.84, browse stream folder for main movie and then make a new Ts file with the video and required sound track, 5.1 DD prefered.Nero vision 5 doesnt support DTS.
  3. Using Nero 8 with HD plugin start a new DVD AVCHD movie project.
    Load the new Ts file from Tsmuxer.Nero will bring a popup saying analysing file, click abort as this takes ages to do and i found it not necessary. Set the disc target size to DVD9 9dual layer).
    From the more menus,set the video standard in Nero to NTSC.
    Enable smart encode. Select DD 5.1 for sound track.
    Select a hard drive folder as your target.
    The encoding will take a few hours to complete!.
    To make a compliant Blu ray procede as follows;
    Using Tsremuxer, browes the stream folder to the MTS stream. Load this and select Blu ray as output. After it has finished burn as a UDF 2.5 DVD either with Nero or Imgburn.
    The finished video will be 29.97fps interlaced at 1440 x 1080, Mpeg 4. This seams to be a good work round since Nero doesnt natively support 23.976fps. Ive had good results so far.Obviously the longer the movie the lower the quality. Tested with PS3 and 50" plasma TV.
    Hope this is usefull!