How to make LiteOn LVW-5027HC+ Region Free?

Heya all

I just bought the above dvd recorder this morning and I was kinda hoping that I would be able to make him region free. With my kiss player it went all very simple thanks to, but they don’t seem to have a crack for my lvw5027 over there. I thought that I might be lucky enough to find someone here who has the same player and knows how to make him region free. Any takers? Any help is welcome, like links or the code to make him region free :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks a lot in advance

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Assuming Lite-On has stuck to its secret remote sequence with newer models, try the following sequence:

[li]Press ‘Setup’
[/li][li]Move the cursor down to the ‘Exit’ icon
[/li][li]Key in the digits 2, 9, 6, 0
If a hidden menu appears to the right of the ‘Exit’ icon, select ‘Region Free’ to remove the region restriction or select the region number of the disc you are attempting to play if you have problems playing the disc. :wink:

Hi Guys

I have the same problem, unfortunately the sequence doesn’t work. Any other advise gratefully recieved!


Thanks a lot. I’m gonna try this little tip later on. I’ll let you know if it works for me.

Thanks a lot, Sean. You little trick works fine for me. The menu indeed appeared after typing in the digits you suggested and my player is now officially region free. Thanks