How to make joint between cells seamless?



I have the following matter I would like to ask your help with :slight_smile:
Sometimes I cut out final credits, DVD Shrink them to “Still Pictures” to reduce size and add them back by using DvdRemake’s “Replace block” function. DvdRemake somehow knows that replaced cell can continue last VID and doesn’t allocate new VID. On the other hand sometimes I want to cut out some scene in the middle of a cell. For instance cut out credits song in the Friends series DVD. I split the cell containning credits and then cut the beginning of the second cell, but in this case DvdRemake decides that the second cell with the cut out beginning cannot be in the same VID and puts it in a new VID thus makes joint NON-seamless. In turn NON-seamless joint results in layer-break like pause on my standalone. Sorry for all that long preliminary story, my question is: how to make joint seamless and avoid this layer-break like pause? What is the reason new VID is needed and how DvdRemake decides it? Based on what?
Thanks in advance.


Just a quick reference to responses in this thread: