How to make it simulate dual burning?



Guys many people are talking about you can now update youre firmware, from NEC 2500 to 2510, but how and where can i find the firmware???

Srry but it´s 4 am here, im kinda tired so i dunno if theres a thread in this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Dual burning, wow talk about a bad ass burner :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah i found the original thread :stuck_out_tongue:


People have been having some minor problems using the 2510 firmware on the 2500 - I’d stay away from it for now until the bugs can be ironed out. Besides, you’d be hard pressed to find DL media on the market nowadays…


Hmm ok…Thanx for the advice, i just think it´s real cool it works :slight_smile:


Your thread subject is "How to make it simulate dual burning? "
Answer: You can’t until you have a dual layer disc. :wink: