How to make Image of Farcry That works



I would like to make a image of farcry and then use some vitural cd program to made it appear as drive x, just so I can play without the cd in. Anyone know what programs I should use to get around watever copy protections farcry has? I used isobuster or something before, but it dinnt quite get past the copy protection. I have nero 6 if that is useful at all.


I am pritty sure that virtual drives are blacklisted. This means that the game will not run while any virtual drives acvite. But im not sure. Try downloading Game Jackal and use that. I know it supports FarCry. Game Jackal will allow you to play with out the CD/DVD.



I think Alcohol 120% should work for FarCry, but as VH said, GJ is really the easiest option.


gj costs $$, so i think ill try the alcohol 120. That does involve making a image though? And a lot of game block the vitural drives now? So is there any other way to use the image to make it seem like the cd is in?


Ok I was wrong (:p) FarCry does not Blacklist VD’s. You could make a Mini Image, This will allow you to run the game from about 30mb image rather than the full CD. Here is bcn_246’s guide to making one. Good luck!


P.s. Yes ALOT of new games go to grate legths to make sure no emulation or VDs are running.