How to make Illegal TOC?


I want to make a copy of my audio cd with illegal toc to protect my cd, so can anyone one please teach me how to make a audio cd with illegal toc protection. PLEASE:bow: :iagree:
Thank You!

i protected one of my audio cds with Easy Audio Lock

you also need clone cd 2/3 to burn the image you protected

Clone CD 3

instructions how to burn the image --> help file of easy audio lock

g3ri, thankz for the easy audio lock. i used it and it was an ok protection. do you have any more protections that you can recommen?

:confused: let me see…

here’s a great list of protect utilities:

hey thankz for the site, i tryed all of them but none of the protection can used can make the cd plable on the computer.Do u know if there is a protection that let ur cd play in the computer?

You may also find interesting:

Thankz for the web site i downloaded the program thingy but i dont know how to use it, can u give me a few pointers on how to operate it?

I learned it by posting questions on the forums there, and by reading the guide they have, its very straight forward.

xtacydima since you know how to use it can u teach me where the form is or can u teach me how to use it? Thankz

TZ Copy Protection doesn’t support CDDA, it;s data only.

Not only do your currupt audio CDs not play on a PC, try sticking it in a DVD player. CDDA cannot be protected, it can only be currupted.

If the computer can play it, then it can also rip it…this is why comericial protections such as CDS200 & Media Max do not play the audio, they use players on a second data session…no freeware app can do this.