How to Make IFO?

Hey gang. I really want to go from a DVD to Divx. I was using DVD Decrypter but you know what happened to that. So I purchased AnyDVD. It seems that most (if not all) of the Divx creators want an “IFO” input that was made from DVD Decrypter including Dr.Divx, AutoGK, AVI.Net and others.

So is their anyway to copy a DVD to my hard drive and then create a IFO “rip” from it? I have tried to use AnyDVD with DVDDecrypter, but have very mixed reslults with movies that use Sony Arccos.

Thanks for your help.

there are instructions on how to optimize the compatibility between dvd decrypter and anydvd in this post:

are you ripping in IFO mode on decrypter? This automatically creates the IFO that you need to run it through AGK. check your mode and get back to us.

With Bewitched I tried using AnyDVD and DVD decrypter in the IFO mode and the resulting IFO files had their audio so far out of sync with the video that they were not usable to compress to DivX. Using the audio was not even in sync for the preview.

@ weaver4,

Perchance did you have DVD Decrypter configured in the manner as detailed in the below Forum link?

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Yes, I do have DVD Decrypter configured as shown.

Yes, I do have DVD Decrypter configured as shown.