How to make glossy finish label

Fellow Members: I would like to add a glossy finish to my plain CD jewel case labels. Do anyone know of any paint or spray I can apply to a plain paper label to make a glossy appearance? (I know they sell glossy labels but the cost is prohibitive). Thanks a lot.

I know people here use various sprays to finish their inkjet printed media (seehere or here, for example), but I have no idea about spraying on a paper label.

FWIW, it’s been pretty much proven here that paper labels do terrible things to DVDRs w/r/t readability and reliability, and for CD-Rs to a much lesser extent as well.

My advice? Get an Epson R200 or similar printer and use inkjet printable CD-Rs if you want a professional looking product. Barring that, stick with a Sharpie.

Reptile: Thanks for the wealth of info. Looks like the Krylon product is my best bet. Will try it out. Thanks again!!!

That would be excellent advice - I use a R200 myself and I have extremely pleased with the quality. The ink dries quickly and does not smudge or smear to the touch (except for wet hands of course, but it applies to all inkjets).

I would strongly recommend also using a software called SureThing LabelerDeluxe, it is WELL WORTH the price and by far better than the crap shipped with the EPSON, which is very basic and limited.

As far as sprays if you print in quantity, get those glossy papers in bulk, don’t waste your time spraying plain paper.

As far as printable media, I have not trying spraying them, although if you do not apply it properly you can make a mess and damage the disc.

I wonder if with time it can damage the disc or adds extra weight or cause balancing problems.

Ideally is to use the Primera device that adds a shiny finish, but that’s pretty much expensive stuff :slight_smile:

Guys: Thanks for all the advice. When I said plain paper I meant standard (non-glossy) CD labelling sheets. Apologise for not making myself clear. Cheers!!!

You can always try :slight_smile: on a test disc, but personally I think you will get better results with actual printable media. Don’t bother using paper labels on your DVDs, not recommended. They might work fine now, but you will eventually have problems. Yes some DVD players are more tolerant, but I would avoid them. Try running a KPROBE on the same DVD in a few months…you’ll see :slight_smile:

I’ve had MANY DVDs list tons of CRC errors and sky rocket kprobes, yet they scanned well at the time I applied the label. Once I peeled off the damn label and washed the disc carefully, it came back to life, no more CRC errors and perfect kprobe…The label was well centered too… It’s the extra weight.

I can’t believe Avery/Stomper/memorex and others are selling this garbage.

I tried the Krylon “Make it Last!” and was very disappointed with the result. No gloss whatsoever after one coat. I do now want to apply too many coats as this may cause balancing problems as indicated in a thread above. I guess I just have to swallow hard and go out and buy the glossy finish labels.

I would like to make it clear, I never used the sprays and therefore I am only assuming it could create balancing problems, maybe i’m wrong. Of course you do not want to apply too thick :slight_smile:

As far as buying glossy labels, DON’T… don’t put ANY type of labels on your discs!

I think I have just what you need…

Guess I will stick to matte finish printables for now until I win the lottery - Although this piece of gem makes your print surface scratch and water resistant. NONE of the printable CD/DVDs are water resistant…You can EASILY smudge and remove most of the ink with barely wet fingers…

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I wish I had one of those !

Krylon “Make It Last” is not, AFAIK, a glossy finish. For that you need clear acrylic. And you can put as many coats on as you like as long as they are thin coats.