How to make game cd copies that work



Hello, I am very new at this copy thing and I find it difficult to figure out which programs to use for ripping and burning or what ever one does to get game copies to work.

If the copy truely is a 1:1, then it should work with DT, right?

So to sum up my questions:

Which programs are good for ripping? (1:1 copies)
Which programs are good for burning? (Must be able to make a working 1:1 copy)
Which programs are good for mounting? (Should be able to run a 1:1 copy perfectly)
Do I have burn games to a disc to get a working backup of a game?

Also I would apreciate any good advice :bow:


It’s very hard to make an exact 1:1 copy… but Alcohol 120% and CloneCD can get past the copy protection.

Check the copy protection forum or click the Alcohol 120% link for information.


Modern copy protection… even if you have a good program like Alcohol or CloneCD, you might be out of luck if your drive isn’t up to snuff - and very few are, nowadays. :frowning: