How to make FF block Flash ads and ONLY flash ads?

How do I do it? I dont want to block normal ads.

arr there are some extensions that block flash namely this one
if it says it doesnt work with your version of FF get the nightly tester tools and make it work :cool:

I do not want to block flash. I want to block flash ads and only nothing else. I’ve had flashblock installed but it’s annoying to click on things.

I want an extansion that works as adblock, hence blocks all flash media coming from known ad servers. It [B]must not[/B] block normal gif-ads, because I believe blocking ads is just plain bollocks when you get something for free. Flash ads tho tend to talk and startle me. So I have no love for those.

I suspect adblock can do this, but the configuration for it is written by a leprechaun high on crack, and is useless.

i just tried right click the adblock icon and select overlay flash (for left click) it worked but only on that page and not when i refreshed it

i think this is what you seek o’master just remove the ones you dont want to block. oh its not adblock even though the linky says so

Using this filter in adblock seems to have done the trick

*ad* *.swf*

it does not work without flaws[/B]

I have the same problem and have yet to find an acceptable solution…
It seems that every update to FF breaks my extensions.

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I think the extension program that you are looking for is called no script.

This program lets you choose what scripts you want loaded on a certain page. You can forbid it,Temporarily block, or Allow it.

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NO guys…

Adblock, NoScript, etc. are not what this guy is looking for.

He’s looking for a way to block the Ad’s that are played before the SWF videos or games load and play, within the SWF itself. You know, like on Metacafe where sometimes it has that little “continue to video” link at the bottom you can use to skip past the ad.

Adblock and NoScript just block the whole .swf but if you do so you also block the content.

I’ve been able to block JUST the ad portion of a loading .swf but I don’t know of any addons or other software that will do it automatically. What’s involved is placing the ad host into your “hosts” file and redirecting it’s IP to
The SWF that loaded the ad will generally detect that the host is not available or not responding, and just go ahead and load up the media you intended to play in the first place.

As I said, I’ve done this successfully… but it’s a pain to set up right now and it would be awesome if one of you programmer freaks out there created an add-on which does this automatically. The challenges involved are as follows:

  1. Detect the URL/host of the ad content. This can be pretty tricky since and is usually only identifiable when the ad is playing.
  2. Put the ad content host in the hosts file, redirected so it’s unreachable… unless there’s a way to redirect/block it with firefox itself. Remember this is a .swf so adobe player is more-or-less running outside of firefox.
  3. Firewalls and intrusion detection programs are gonna tweek out that you’re fiddling with the hosts file.

Good luck! Please post if anyone knows of addon’s that do something like this!!


Of course no one gives a crap now since the original post was from 2006 :rolleyes:

Nevertheless a cool solution!