How to make dw1640 -> UDMA Mode4?

How to make dw1640 that tranfer UDMA Mode4 ,If I dont want to crossflash to 164B , Please Describe Me :wink:

The 1640 only goes up to UDMA-2

You canNOT do it.

I believe that the 164B firmware is only a UDMA3 drive IIRC. pinto2?

I think [I]alan1476[/I] knows. :smiley:

So the 1620 external model was the one with UDMA 3? Some BenQ external drive had UDMA 3 f/w.

before i post this i read

it make me confused that can i make dw1640 to udma4

ok now to abridge it cant make.

Thx Every Bobay… :slight_smile:

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AFAICR yes. :iagree: (EW162I firmwares.)