How to make DVDR3460H region free?

Does any body no how to make a philips DVDR3460H regin free? Be gental with me, I’m a newbe and fragile!

Here you go…:

  1. Switch unit ON

  2. Open dvd drawer

  3. select DVD on remote control

  4. press 0086000 followed by ‘OK’

  5. switch unit off and back on again

  6. Job done.


Thanks imKidd57. I was about to post the same hack from the same source :o


My recorder is on firmware verson R19.17.

Tried to implement the region free hack but nothing. I see a small box appear at the top of the screen when I try to enter the number but i8t looks odd. The leading zeros are omitted and I only see three digits.

Can anyone help. :doh:

I found this snipit here

LOUSE - 13/11/2006 08:16
For the request concerning Philips dvdr 3460 H, to make, DVD, not disc on the screen, then 0086000, then OK.
The apparatus is slow to incorporate the data: to remake the manipulation second once if that did not go the first.
But the manipulation is sure to obtain the result.

Tried it by selecting DVD without a DVD inserted, then selected TUNER, opened the drawer, then entered 0086000 and OK. Nothing seemed to happen so I did it agai. Still nothing spectacular, just a blank screen. Tried a region 1 disc, it loaded, tried region 2, it loaded too. Magic!

My thanks to whoever found the hack and my apologies to those I have delayed from using it.