How to make dvd-R compatible?

I bought a LG GSA-5160D,
USB 2.0 und FireWire DVD-Brenner, 16x wr/8x rw/16x r DVD+R, 8x wr/4x rw/16x r DVD-R/RW, 5x wr DVD-RAM, 2,4x wr Double Layer, 2MB Buffer

and successfully changed the booktpye (DVD+R) to DVD-ROM, and it is perfect, now dvd+r can be read in my IBM T20 laptop (very old type DVD-ROM)

but now I have a problem with DVD-R
DVD-R burned by nero can not be read by IBM T20, and combo drive (DVD CD-RW) either
it is very strange, when I use the software copytodvd version3, burned DVD-R can be recognized!
but sometime work sometime not.

my question is:
is it possible to change the booktpye of DVD-R to DVD-ROM?
if not, how to make DVD-R more compatible?
this headache problem only comes when I burn data DVD-R,
if I burn video DVD by copytodvd, it works perfect with DVD-R.
sometimes certain drive read the DVD-R , sometimes not(even combo from compaq laptop can not read DVD-R burned by nero). I only use the same DVD-R disk for all these tests.
so I am sure that my drive should support the media (DVD-R)
it must be software problem rather than hardware (drive and media)

DVD-R burned by nero, can not be read,
the same burner, same DVD-R, burned by copytodvd(software), can be read.
when I connected dvd-burner to another computer, this time DVD-R burned by copytodvd can not be read!
it is so strange,
same burner, same DVD-R burned by different computers give differnt compatibility of DVD-R?

thanks a lot!

it seems there is no official software from LG which support booktype change. to change the booktype, nero burning rom seems to be the only choice, is it correct?
i tried to use dvdinfopro, it report: your drive does not support bitsetting.
the same as cd-dvd speed from nero, it reports incompatiblity too.
nero burning rom successfully changed the booktype of dvd+r.
have somebody experience with 5160D?


Strange problem, have you tried with diferent media, and burning at lower speeds?

A104 and A111 are official Fw (at least I think they are) and they support bitsetting.

Infortunately for now Nero seems to be the only choice, Dvd Decrypter supports bitsetting, but only on some other restricted drives (not LG)…

thanks a lot for your reply! I used DVD-R 4x
Now I decide to give up DVD-R, only use DVD+R, it is good that DVD+R is technically better than DVD-R. I hate the compatiblility problem of DVD-R, although some people said this type has a very good compatibility.
but it is not true for me,
1 the DVD-R can not be read by DVD of IBM laptop
2 the DVD-R can not be read by combo of compaq laptop
although somethime it works in both laptop with the same DVD-R 4x

I read some posters here, somebody said 5163D can change booktype by CD DVD speed, is it true?
is it possible to upgrade firmware from 5160D to 5163D?

Bitsetting for DVD+R is also called “compatibility” bisetting. It means making the booktype to DVD-ROM so that players that only recognize DVD-ROM, but not DVD+RW/+R to read the same disks otherwise refused. It does not make DVD+R better than DVD-R. It just enhances “compatibility” but does not enhances quality.

So use only good quality media and that will make the outpus most compatibile.

Almost all the DVD’s that I’ve written with DVD-R and sent to many festivals or firends have worked perfectly so far.
From the other side I was afraid DVD+R for the same reason but now with bitsetting on my LG 4163B this might go off.

Between 2001 and 2002, the “compatibility” was like 70-98% for either DVD+R or DVD-R. Since there are too many media, players, firmware, and so on, accurate and complete tests were impossible even for big manufacturers and websites. But overall compatibility rates were usually very good for either standard of write-once DVD recordable media. That was years ago and since then most DVD players and DVD-ROM PC drives have evolved as well to accomodate DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW. In some cases, DVD-RAM, too. The rate must be nearly 100% if not 100% by now. It’s just the percentage of the players (including PC drives) used at homes so it just reflects something about the standalone and DVD-ROM drive (and the PC) markets. It’s going to be much better with Blu-ray and HD-DVD since they were first designed to be recordable and also at very early stages their prototype standalone recorders and PC recording drives are appearing quite unlike from what happend with CD and DVD.

thanks for all,
I still wonder, whether nero burning rom is the only programm that can change booktype.
when I use cddvd speed (one tool in nero) or dvdinfopro, it alway report " it seems your drive does not support bitsetting"
actually 5160D support dvd+r bittseting change.
btw, is it possible to change booktype of dvd+RW by 5160d in future?