How to make DH-20A3P silent?

I had SOHD-16P9S dvd rom in my media center machine and i replaced it with DH-20A3P dvd burner. I modified read speeds for SOHD-16P9S drive with omnipatcher and made dvd readings quite silent. Now i realised that omnipatcher can not recognize firmwares from new drive. Is there any other solution to silent new lite on burner or maybe omnipatcher would support this drive soon? I preffer more silence than speed :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

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I don’t know if it will work, but have you tried drivespeed?

Drivespeed won’t work.

Try with MCSE, but again I don’t know if that drive is supported :frowning:

What happens when you try to limit the speed with DriveSpeed? I keep DriveSpeed running in the background all the time and I have the same drive as you.

MCSE supports this drive, but can not reduce its read speed.

oops :o

Drive ignore drivespeed settings :frowning: But if you have dh-20a3p too, and it works, it has to be done. Maybe newer Nero versions have newer drivespeed util?

I think your Drivespeed is corrupt. Try reinstalling it. If it doesn’t help then the reinstallation didn’t fix certain registry values that are responsible for your problem.

I once had a problem with Nero that couldn’t be fixed by simply reinstalling the application. Instead i had to uninstall it, manually delete all registry values associated with Nero and then install Nero again.
This worked, maybe you should try the same thing with Drivespeed if simple reinstalling doesn’t help.

Newer version of drivespeed works! Thanks.