How to make burn an image w/ CDRWIN 5?!?!

I know this is stupid but I can’t burn a couple of images that I’ve downloaded. Could someone just list the steps to burn an image in CDRWIN5, (isn’t this pretty much the best program to burn images in?).
Actually, I can’t get CDRWIN5 to burn ANY images, so I’m doing something wrong. BUT I can test out the the images with the virtual CD-Drive and they work. but they won’t burn… HELP! (I’ve made 5 coasters so far…)

Why not try burning them with Fireburner?
Of course you must understand that we can only help you if your images are legal.
And the latest version of CDRWin is 3.9B as stated on so I have no clue on how you should burn it with a non-existant version of CDRWIN :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Airhead
Why not try burning them with Fireburner?

Airhead, I agree, I now use FireBurner for burning all images. I tried it about 2 weeks ago trying to back up NFSHP2. Right now, the DiskDump/Fireburner combo is the real deal. Made a 1 to 1 backup of nfshp2, which is SafeDisk 2.8.


Originally posted by jordanl17
images that I’ve downloaded.

I wonder what those image are…

And I would like to remind you we do not allow nor condone illegal activities such as warez downloads.