How to make bootable xp?

Hi, this is my problem: I bought a comp with xp already in it and it didn’t come with an xp cd. Does anyone know how to get a copy of xp(bootable) which already been installed? I would like to have in case something happened and I need to reformat my computer.

Thanks for the help i can get, cheers!!!

If you bought it pre installed from a computer shop more than likely there will be a restore disc or floppy that will let you reload win xp should you have a problem…
There could be a hidden partition on your hdd with the files needed to backup…
Failing all that you could try contacting the manufactorer and see if they can help…

If the above is not the case, you best make a backup as it is now, with Norton Ghost for example.

Can I only make a backup of my ‘Windows’ and ‘Program Files’ file folders enough to be bootable or do I have to do a back up on the entire hard drive?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

No because both windows and most of programs NEED to be installed, not simply copied on hard disk.

I agree with Da_Taxman: you need of a specific software to make an image of your system right now, before that something mess up (such multiple installations and deinstallations, viruses, etc).

What type of software? I don’t have Norton Ghost. I only have Alcohol 120 and Nero

Neither of them will do it. It is specialised software that copies everything from your drive including the master boot record. This is all needed to have a complete backup.

You could try SyncBack as it is the only free software I can think of for backing up hard disks. SyncBackup

I made a little search. There are some free programs, but what I’ve found is not so easy to use because all programs that I’ve found are command line (sorry, I wasn’t able to find any better).

My suggestion is to purchase Norton Ghost or another software. I like Acronis True Image, because is very simple to use.

Try to watch acronis site to give a look

Thank you guys for all the help, I will try all of your advice.