How to make bootable Flash Disc(USB)!


I have Laptop with damaged DVD/RW ,

and i wanna install new windows,

i have also 2GB Flash Disc ,

So , i wanna know how 2 install the windows using this flash !


I have been dealing with the very same problem for a while now, but still haven’t found a solution… :wink:
I have no problem to make my Corsair Flash memory bootable (DOS) and a Recovery XP (Bart PE), unfortunately it all ends there.

Drop me a PM if you find a solution. :bigsmile:

-chef_, that’s the guide I followed for a windoze XP PE (recovery) installation.

You still can’t make a clean windoze XP install that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have Laptop with damaged DVD/RW,
and i wanna install new windows,…

I could be way off here, but it should be possible to do the following:

  1. Copy windows install files to the (bootable) flash drive and boot to DOS
  2. Use “diskpart” to partition off a section of the lappy’s hard disc
  3. Format the partition and copy the XP disc/i386 folder to it
  4. Intialise the setup program

It’s not as elegant as using the flash drive as an install disc but it should get you where you want to be :wink:

The only problem is the registry.
You can cheat it, I’ve read about it in some c’t articles.